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Kavveri Telecom is a global solution provider of telecom infrastructure and wireless products.

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Tower Mount Amplifier

Tower Mount Amplifier

Kavveri’s Twin TMA (Tower Mount Amplifier) provides full band and fully duplexed operation. It improves uplink sensitivity and receive performance of Base Stations.

TMA unit consists of Band Pass Filter, Low Noise Amplifiers, Bypass circuitry housed in IP 68 enclosure. The units provides protection against lightning strikes via surge protection circuit.

DC Power is provided through Bias Tee via feeder cable from BTS. An indoor Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is available to power up to 3 TMA units. PDU provides regulated DC power supply voltage for the TMAs.

TMA GSM 119 001 43

TMA DCS 119 001 44

TMA UMTS 119 001 45