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Duplexers are used to transmit and receive RF signals from a single antenna. They are three-port devices comprising of transmit and receive filters with a common antenna port.

We offer Duplexers in all major frequency bands. Duplexers are designed to handle high power of Base Stations. It also provide high isolation between the transmit and receive path.

Frequency Band Insertion Loss VSWR Rejection Data Sheet
824 - 889 MHz 1.5 dB 1.28:1dB 90 dB

Duplexer CDMA_300 312 10

890- 960 MHz 1.5 dB 1.28:1dB 90 dB

Duplexer GSM 900_300 312 09

1710- 1880 MHz 1.5 dB 1.28:1dB 50 dB

Duplexer GSM_1800_300 231 00