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Kavveri Telecom is a global solution provider of telecom infrastructure and wireless products.

We have a wide range of carrier grade products such as antennas, RF components, Repeaters, cables components TMA/TMB and energy... More About Kavveri

Our Companies


For over 25 years, Til-Tek Antennae Inc. (Til-Tek) has been a leader in the design and manufacture of cost effective, high quality antenna products.

The company, established in 1979 to provide research and development in new antenna technologies for both government and industry, has become a leader in providing global customers with products and services that meet and exceed their specific requirements, at an affordable price.

TIL-TEK provides a complete line of base station and remote antennas in frequencies from 700 MHz to 5.8 GHz, with selected products from 300 MHz to 28 Ghz.

Applications include cellular, GSM, PCS, DECT, WLL/WLAN, WiMAX, Public Safety, point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint systems as well as special applications such as radar test targets and Digital Audio Broadcast antennas.

Advanced modeling techniques, in conjunction with detailed measurements and independent verification ensure that TIL-TEK products meet and exceed their engineering specifications for the expected life of the products with on-going development of new products and technologies ensuring TIL-TEK will continue to provide cost effective, high quality products.

TIL-TEK is an ISO 9001:2000 registered company. This worldwide standard covers our entire operation of the company, from order entry to shipping, from product design to production. All products leave the plant having gone through a rigorous process. A final verification stamp indicating conformance to that process and virtually 100% on time deliveries have earned the respect of our loyal and satisfied customers.

By partnering with TIL-TEK, clients secure a company with:
Extensive R&D expertise.
A history in the delivery of customized integrated antennas solutions and off the shelf products.
Ability to deliver in a short period of time, starting immediately ensuring quick turnaround in meeting the tight delivery schedule.

TIL-TEK’s corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are headquartered in Kemptville, Ontario, Canada. The company also has Regional Offices in Quebec, California, New Jersey, and representation worldwide. To-date, TIL-TEK has supplied antennas in over 100 countries for a variety of major wireless projects.


DCI Digital Communications Ltd. (DCI) specializes in Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) products, which reduce interference problems in the 30 MHz to 6 GHz range. The products we design and manufacture are: VHF and UHF bandpass filters, low pass filters, wi-fi filters, multiple-window filters, combiners, broadband duplexers, tower-top amplifiers, and CDMA repeaters.

DCI is a unique company in that we offer custom solutions to interference problems as well as "off-the-shelf" products. We work with customers to come up with specific solutions to specific RFI problems. To optimize a customer's selection process, we make most of our bandpass filters available in 4, 6, 8 or 10-poles depending on how much rejection is required.

Our RFI products have high-performance specifications: steep skirts, low loss and low SWR. The products are well built and rugged. Our lower frequency filters are made from extruded aluminum and brass, and our higher frequency filters are machined on our CNC mill. All manufacturing and tuning takes place on our premises.

DCI's products are competitively priced and, equally important, they are turned around quickly. An average customer order is ready to ship in three weeks. In a critical situation, we can have a bandpass filter built, tuned and out the door in 24 hours.

Our company is versatile, as are our products, and we are willing to work with companies world-wide. We are always interested in new challenges and new markets.


Spotwave Wireless Ltd. (Spotwave) provides carrier-approved, indoor wireless coverage solutions; giving you reliable, "always-on" wireless coverage indoors. We offer wireless carriers and enterprise customers a simple, affordable, effective way to ensure wireless devices have great coverage indoors, where they are used the most. The benefits of Spotwave's products for both our enterprise and business customers, and for carriers are clear.

For enterprise customers – Spotwave helps organizations in a variety of environments maximize their return on wireless investment with a solution which will boost your indoor coverage and employee mobility – that's great for business.

For carrier customers – Spotwave's indoor coverage solutions help win new business, increase retention, differentiate on coverage and ensure customer satisfaction.


Kavveri Telecom Infrastructure Limited (KTIL) is an industry leading partner in providing In-Building Solutions (IBS).

KTIL manage the solutions on behalf of Mobile Operators. KTIL is a Neutral Host Provider (NHP) assisting Mobile Operators to provide the IBS on a common platform also knows as the “Distributed Antenna System” (DAS).

Build, Operate and Lease

Strategies which net the land or building owner zero start up costs. You can leverage the increased services to your facility with no upfront costs. You lease the IBS solution once the network is installed for the added benefits for your tenants of and In-Building Solution. Services you provide, services tenants demand making your facility more attractive to perspective customers.

Consulting Services

KTIL has in-depth expertise in the industry and can lead you through the design and build of your In-Building System. You benefit from our industry knowledge to help you achieve your project goals.
Kavveri Telecom Infrastructure Limited (KTIL) was incorporated in October 2008 as a subsidiary of Kavveri Telecom Products Limited; for more information on Kavveri Telecom Products Limited please visit: www.kaveritelecoms.com