Defense & Space Products

Kavveri Telecoms , established in 1991, is a leading manufacturer of RF products & Antennas in India. We design, develop, test & implement a diverse range of RF products, from concept to deployment. Kavveri combines expertise with experience to deliver state of the art products and solutions spanning the wide spectrum of Antennas and RF components.

Key Strengths:

With over 500 man-years of R&D experience, Kavveri is uniquely positioned to offer an array of world class products & solutions to meet all RF products & Antenna requirements for the Defence & Space applications. Kavveri has designed & delivered various RF Components, namely Filters, Isolators, Circulators, Antennas etc. for the various Satellite & Defense programs in India. We have the expertise & knowledge to deliver varied system & sub-system level needs.


Our R&D is recognised by the Dept of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt of India .In addition to the state-of-the-art Test & Measuring equipments, our lab is fully equipped with Environmental Chambers, Shock & Bump Bench, Climatic chamber(-60 to +120), Dry heat Chamber(ambient to +150degC), Vibration Bench, Painting shop & fully equipped Mechanical work Shop. Our in-house Anechoic Chamber is equipped with Azimuth Positioner, fibre glass Mast, Polarization Positioner & Controller.


Wireless Microwave Active Components
Non line of sight Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing technology
Real time modulation type adaptation, BPSK/OQPSK/64QAM
Power over Ethernet PoE connection for outdoor unit
Real time Programmable multiplexing of data streams
Microwave Band Antennas
Flat panel array technology
Multi Octave broadband antenna technology
Passive Components
Coaxial filter, duplexer/diplexer design technology
Waveguide filter, duplexer/diplexer design technology
Suspended substrate technology
Military tubular filters design technology
Dielectric Resonator (DR) filter technology


MIL grade Channelizer 0.5 to 2GHz:
Channel Bandwidth: 100 MHz
No of Channels: 16 (15 Nos of 100 MHz and one direct channel)
Switching speed: 100 nsec
Channel to channel Isolation: 50 dB
Coax & WG Components:
Power Dividers, Couplers, Hybrids, Filters, Isolators, Circulators, Pin Diode switches,
Phase shifters, Programmable Attenuators, Amplifiers, Oscillators,
Synthesizers with High Switching speed etc. up to 40GHz.
Broadband Transceivers, LNBs & PAs
Digital Transceivers for nQAM/OFDM systems
Broadband Digital Transceivers for CPE systems
Low noise block converters for digital video systems
Power Amplifiers
Standard Antennas
Omni directional Antennas
Wide band Horn Antennas up to 18GHz.
NATO band high gain Military antenna
Wideband Antennas
Broadband BS antennas (sectors & Omni)
Broadband CPE antennas (covering MDS,MMDS, ISM bands)
Broadband P2P antennas (covering full 2.0-6.0 GHz)
Filters, Duplexers and Diplexers
Microwave filters, duplexers and diplexers from 800 MHz to 40 GHz
Passive Components
Dividers, couplers, isolators, channel combiners, terminations, adapters, etc.
Military Products
NATO band high gain Military antenna

Projects executed in Defence & Space sector:

Switched bank filters
Band Pass filters for space
Tunable BP filters
Circulator/Isolators for space
GPS array antenna
Activity detector
Sleeve monopoles
Broadband dipoles
Cylindrical beam switching antennas
Grid reflectors
The Lumped, Helical , Cavity range of Filters/Duplexers/Triplexers

GSM & DCS Band RF Unit_119 000 12

Dual Module Amplifier Stage-1_310 105 04

BITE Monitoring System_370 171 25

6-in-1 Amplifier Stage-2_310 105 03

LNA-High Gain 310 105 15

LNA with Filter 310 104 84

UHF Bandpass Filter-303 000 08

UHF Bandpass Filter-303 000 09

UHF Bandpass Filter-303 000 10

UHF Bandpass Filter-303 000 11

UHF Bandpass Filter-303 000 12

VHF Bandpass Filter-303 002 07

Custom Design:

Kavveri’s decades of design & manufacturing experience and expertise have yielded a wide range of custom designs which can be used to deliver any custom requirement in short time. We also undertake job work for fabrication/ testing for the various design Labs & production houses.

System Deliverability:

With the above expertise in hand, Kavveri has the capability to deliver systems / sub-system level requirements of the customers. Our team will be happy to discuss your ever demanding applications for your Defense projects/ programs.